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Zhuji Wuxie Resort

    Zhuji Wuxie Resort is located in the northwest of Zhuji ,far away from urban for 20 koilmeters,Is a state-level scenic spots, the State AAAA-class tourist areas, national forest park. Wuxie scenic ocean waves by the Wuxie Lake, year-round spring and Taoyuan,  waterfall ,half of the amount of a water source and the East of the West, the source of elegant deep canyon composed of four scenic spots. 

    Uncanny workmanship of nature to create a "straight up Qingyun Duan," the 72 peak, "one wonders of a Ping" Ping of 36, the positive attitude of the 25 rock, as well as animals who like rock, mysterious and hard to The caves, deep canyons. Especially famous for its five waterfalls. Access to the source of eco-Grand Canyon West is another world over the West in order to quiet the source of deep, static features.
    Wuxie renowned scenic landscape. As early as 2000 years ago in the list. Wuxie scenic body of water in the wide, majestic waterfalls, beautiful scenery, lush forests and pleasant climate, rich cultural heritage to show the world to become the tourism, summer, holiday and health resorts, attracting visitors .

    West Valley into the source of "original"
    Western sources and Wuxie Dongyuan is into two basic "V"-shaped in the Grand Canyon. Western sources in order to peak, forest, river good. When visitors to the temple by the side of the stone Wuxie Ping Shan, Yuen to West Valley, Valley ,streams on both sides, which rise amid the stamp days chessboard peaks, Zhaoyang Feng, Chui-Yun Feng,peak reactor Blue Peak ... .... Road along the streams, crystal clear water, breath attacks. Rock or river bed or lap, different patterns. Stream Pterocarya tall, hung only in the air and water are very clean environment to the growth of Tess. About 10 kilometers long valley, with streams of bending, lined with the peak, ridge, lake, bridge, stone of the King, quietly waiting for you to discover and understand.
    Wuxie rippling blue waves of Lake
    Order by Wisteria promenade on the top of the dam up the current show is a lake of water, green water rippling, unpredictable.surface of the boat, stirred from time to time, layers of ripples on both sides of the gold peak, peak hawk eagle, Xiantao peak azalea-feng, old peaksmountain peaks, such as bending of the reflection. Boating lake, water birds in the water low, narrow at the end of the lake did not see a great "King endless mountains" of the flu, and "a folding screen door of Castle Peak, a guqin Lushui” poetic. Lake on both sides, verdant handsome, beautiful. Lofty trees in spring, red rhododendron leaves from the trees revealed; Manshan verdant summer, shade Blot out the Sun; one to fall and winter seasons,Greenish yellow of the ginkgo biloba leaves and Hongyan, decorated in a bleak way.

    Taoyuan Holiday Resorts "Taoyuan race"
    Bi-terminal from the sky disembarkation to the Taoyuan before, is a wide flat cliff next to Hill, the right is the edge of Lake Wuxie, turn trunk Bay, saw the lake into a piece of Pterocarya and Sapium , like the water forests, tree trunks standing in the water, with the fluctuations in the water, floating in the water as if Lin is also, to the shore you walk in, Lin in the water line feeling very good. Taoyuan Area  by "ring-down reed" and "scenery Taoyuan" component.

    Difference in every season.
    In spring, you can watch Wuxie mountain scenery vitality recovery. Lunar New Year starting from February, the mountain is covered with vegetation Wuxie, began sending out new leaves of green, which rise amid, cliff began to wear green, green cast gradually. Slope, stream, lake, road side of the rhododendron, magnolia, mountain blue, peach, pear and a variety of wild flowers, one after another competing open fire mission like red and white like a piece of cloud, such as scattered flowers , air pollution is also a scenic spot with some aromatic, sucking hard to create a sense of greed. At the foot of the stream, lake Yingying, everywhere birds singing, the whole hill looks particularly Wuxie the beautiful beautiful,Vitality, people felt the strength of the spring, beautiful spring.
    In summer ,you can be bathed in the cool green mountain Wuxie. Wuxie Hill lush vegetation, towering old trees, is a national forest park, the mountain is a forest, the lake is a forest, stream-street are trees, there is water on the lam. Under a tree and rock slope is low shrubs, vines or moss. Summer is the season of growth, trees Shu Chin-Chi leaves, layers of Pinnacle, the whole scenic area covered by the Green. Cui Ying-water floating light, visitors  into clothing, melting into a green world. Scenic adequate water, air and humid, which rise amid the morning mist filled evening mist, streams, lakes,waterfall,appear everywhere, people everywhere to feel cool. Visitors to the lake Maundy crab in the river, or wash polyester arm,it’s very happy. Wuxie the summer when it is a wise choice.

  In autumn , you can enjoy the scenery Temple Xiao Akiyama. One to fall, the water began Wuxie the green light to clear the summit, slowly unloading Hsiukuluan green rock costumes, gradually emerged Jun stubborn face, every wrinkle to show the rationale for, Girl, Fairchild, incense, old ... ... more clearly discernible. Deciduous trees gradually turn yellow, especially a golden ginkgo Lin; flip reeds lake whitecaps stream; that Fenglin by cream and Sapium forest, like a fire - the second as the flicker; and evergreen trees and bamboo groves, significant benefits green. Wuxie Hill was a film, green, red, yellow and white color rendering, mangrove Castle in the sky matched 'plants,
    Really fantastic. Implicit in the forest of a variety of buildings, that, in more sophisticated in Qiulin Linglong; particular, temples and pavilions in the temple even show their magnificent form the beautiful Temple Xiao Akiyama picture.scenic autumn air, beautiful and unique, giving us the feeling is "Smooth."
    In winter , you can feel the clean snow. Tibetan people, said the winter season. All things have to show the outside world inward convergence, birds who nest hole, Lucaogou yellow, the new leaves of trees hidden in the branches, leaves will be paved slope with a thick layer of golden yellow, Wuxie Hill to show its silence. Only the flow of water is still gurgle, waterfall appear docile child, and sometimes I still hung in the waterfall there is ice. In the bottom of the lake and, when the sun first appeared, there somersault clouds, peaks, Diange, the mountains, albeit not very clearly, - chip Ming Ying, people like Joan Tower in the mountains. Whenever the snow, which rise amid snow-covered, a pile of canopy, the filling of ravines, Wuxie scenic spot on a piece of snow, as wax may peak and become glazed white world, like a natural picture Hanshan temple. Western sources in particular, because both sides of the peak, the door according to very short, often there will be rime, rain song, snow song form, "such as the night suddenly spring to million pear tree."


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