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Collection of pearl knowledge–the practical pearls knowledge for sharing
Author:Planning Division Source:CP&J City Publish time:2009-6-26
1  the history of pearls
2  the beautiful legend of “south-pearl”
3  the formation of pearl
4  what is meant by "south-pearl", "East-pearl", "West-pearl" and "Nanyang beads"?
5  the type of pearl
6  medicinal sea water pearls
7  multi-color pearl why?
8  pearls and maintenance know-how
9  how to choose and wear a pearl jewelry?
10  six principles to judge pearl

1 the history of pearls

  When we think of jewelry, the pearl will come into our brain.Its gorgeous and elegant pearls, the color is known as treasures, along with diamonds, precious stones, if that is the king of diamonds, the pearl is the gem of the Queen's certain. Both as compared to the former cold-sleep, which sleep warm , and the representative of wisdom and love. Is not compared to other jewelry.  
  It’s said, pearls have been over 5,000 years of history, in China, the Pearl is the first record of the days of Confucius (550 BC), Egypt and Ancient Greece in 330 BC has to do with pearl jewelry, pearl of ancient China as a tribute Xian to the Emperor, Princess Bin. In the history of Europe there was a period known as the "pearl age." The Crusades, Europeans from the east and brought back a lot of pearls, and the beginning of the pearl craze in Europe, the next few centuries were nobles, warriors, etc., as personal ornaments. Later, the pearl into a more exclusive royal treasures. In 1612, a place in Europe also announced a saxong law,Prohibition of the aristocracy, professionals and civilians wearing pearls, only kings have this privilege House, Britain's Queen Elizabeth I also like pearls, her clothing and hair are often lining wear pearls. The historical development of today, pearls are more subject to popular and cherished. In the United States, long the 18-year-old girls parents are generally required to send a string of pearl necklace to congratulate her on her grown-up. In the UK, the year Princess Diana and Prince Charles marriage ceremony, because of Princess Diana wearing a pearl necklace and the leadership is not a small "pearl ornaments," tide.

  Lucky pearl birthday in June as a stone, a symbol of a happy life, family harmony, health and longevity, or get married and 12 anniversary of the commemoration of the 30th anniversary gifts and gift Jiapin friends.

2 the beautiful legend of “south-pearl”

  Made by Pearl beads can be divided into West, East beads, and south pearl. Bay area in the north of the pearls produced on a "south pearl" into this category. "south pearl" tablets, and round beads, beads thick, soft pink, Jingying Museum. There are historical records, since the Han Dynasty from the feudal rulers have to be in full tribute Hepu Hepu Jane Pearl ceremony as the highest court, and even the British Queen's crown on the heart of the Museum of thumb large pearl is said to the middle of the northern Gulf "south pearl. " The northern part of Guangdong Zhanjiang Ocean Shores, Han is a "Hepu County".Circulating here, "Chu also Hepu" moving legend: that is the pearl is the sky fairy fairy, she saw the South China Sea desolate dilapidated fishing village next to the fishermen families of poverty, hardships of life, sympathy, voluntary Shen Sin Temple from the sky off the seabed, they are allowed to water immersion, the waves washing over time becomes a bright pearl, so that the fishermen gather, make life difficult for fishermen to maintain their livelihood, and lead a day of well-being, but in the Eastern Han Dynasty, as the court sent the officials and local officials complicit, cruel oppression and exploitation of agricultural beads, beads forced farmers pick an unlimited number of day and night pearl, resulting in people living in dire poverty, on the basis of fairy pearl Eyes, pain in the mind, so determined to leave the northern Bay, straight toward the choppy sea. Bay area from the northern part of the middle class greatly reduced the volume of beads, can no longer see the glorious pick pearls, and later, a reader who povertyas Hepu County ,MengChang Prefecture to begin remediation of coastal Zhuchi, exorbitant taxes and levies in addition to abandoning the fight against profiteers eunuch, the special care people to restore production, the fishermen will see a bright future and a return to a past that has a jolly life of fishing and pearl, pearl fairy witnessed everything, secretly pleased, but also quietly returned to the unlimited attachment of the Northern Gulf, and a surge in the area of pearl, beads farmers were also taken to a glittering pearl.

3 the formation of pearl

  Pearl Software shellfish in the formation of the body. Early human shape of the pearls have a different understanding of the reasons. There is an interesting theory to say that, when a drop of dew fell into the sea, just be open to catch the shells, this will form a shiny pearl. With the development of science has gradually developed a real theory. In 1671, scientists believe that the formation of pearl sand accidents by the body into the shell mollusks, mollusks by the sand it does not stimulate the formation of pearls produced. Pearl is a gift from the sea, is the nature of an "accident." It is, after analysis, to explore this kind of "accident",
    Will explore the reasons for its formation and this principle into practice, specifically to a round of nuclear material or small meat shellfish certain implants in vivo, to produce artificial pearls, pearls have been a result of artificial breeding . Pearl farming is a strict and detailed knowledge about science, from the election of Tony, nursery, from Tony Miller - in beta - Great - sik nuclear - Yu-chu, a complete set of operating procedures and technical standards, it is necessary to raise a bead mother of Tony, the normal breeding time of 21 months, at least 18 months. Cultured Pearls, climate, environmental factors such as water quality important, but the key is sik nuclear technology, The success or failure of explants nuclear or not, not only the survival rate of pearl shell, and the layer of beads of time, have a great impact on quality. If the nuclear-sik successful, at least three years will be able to harvest the pearls.

4 what is meant by "south-pearl", "East-pearl", "West-pearl" and "Nanyang beads"?

  Produced in Guangdong and Guangxi in China along the Pearl Hepu said south pearl; produced in other regions of Asia (mainly Japan) milk white or white pearl beads, said East; produced in the Atlantic region, said the West pearl beads; produced in Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and Southeast Asia known as the pearl beads, it is a type of free beads, produced by the black disc bay, there is a nuclear beads, and its color is formed by its own natural color and not caused by artificial means.

5 the type of pearl

Pearls can be divided into: natural pearls, cultured pearls, Mary than the beads, imitation beads four main categories.

  (1) natural pearls are natural products of the accident. Where the software contains a pearl layer can produce pearls shellfish, when you eat the fresh abalone, the shell has paid attention to the flashing blue-green glory? This is the mother-of-pearl layer, is composed of many overlapping calcareous order by the slice, and when the mussels open suction the sand or micro-organisms when such objects would be access to their in vivo accident, when the mussels are not feeling well stimulation, it will secrete nacre layers of the invasion were surrounded in order to reduce their suffering. After years of secretion, it might become a small sand and the rich luster of a beautiful pearl. Its very rare, very expensive prices,Less available in the market for sale.

  (2) Refer to the cultured pearl seawater and freshwater cultured pearls, pearl aquaculture is the growth of sea water out of the shellfish cultivation, is home to a round of nuclear cumingii Chu Pui inserted inside the body, so by stimulating the secretion of nacre and will be home surrounded nuclear beads. (Round beads nuclear mother mussel shell from the ground) and fresh water cultured pearls are produced in the river or lake mussels in vivo, the formation of cultured pearls and the sea, but not nuclear beads, to switch to other shellfish meat Add a small article into the body and the clam grapple, it will secrete nacre surrounded. Sea water cultured pearls on the climate and environment for high yield sparse and one can only raise the general bene pearl,Freshwater cultured pearls and a multi-bay can be raised to 16. The shape of sea water cultured pearls are round, freshwater cultured pearls are mostly irregular in shape, this is their biggest difference.
    (3) Ma than beads shell beads are attached to class, check in the white dish shellfish, Penguin Bay, produced in South Australia. Is a convex cultured pearls and a blister-like lining martensii together by configuration. Convex-shaped blister pearl in the shell and is generally inserted between the mantle-like, wax or plastic beads made of semi-ball is placed down the water level of the mollusk shell produced. Hemisphere at the end of the plane with the shell of the inner surface of contact (At this point, to yield beads with bead diameter of mollusks the size than they normally should have been able to put up with much). Final layer of nacre from the shell was cut down, remove the half-beads, getting half a hollow dome of nacre,Then they are glued together.
    (4) Imitation pearl beads imitation is that it is not climate, environmental impact, as long as the conditions of a certain production technology, equipment and raw materials to production, because it does not have the use of pearls, can only serve as handicrafts, jewelry can not be included in category simulation and its strong, with a deceptive prices, customers are required to buy pearls to distinguish carefully.

6 medicinal sea water pearls

  In addition to decorations as a precious pearl, the is also an important medicine. In particular sea water pearls, the main ingredients for calcium carbonate, in addition, also contain iron, aluminum, magnesium, manganese, copper, selenium, silver, zinc, barium, strontium, potassium, sodium, chromium, nickel, cobalt, phosphorus, germanium, more than 10 kinds of trace elements such as lithium. In particular, selenium, germanium and other trace elements is a rare anti-cancer, anti-aging substances. Since ancient times, precious medicinal sea water pearls in China has a history of two millennia, as early as the Tang Dynasty, when people act on the know how to use make-up water pearl powder coated face, long days, long days, actors are the face is particularly delicate.
    Li Ming Dynasty in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" wrote: "Mr Pearl face, moisturizing is a good color, hand-foot-Tu to the skin, such as inverse ......" group of people a lot of narrative therapy. Qing Li Gao in the "nature Leigong Fu," Song "opened Bao Materia Medica" also describes the role of sea pearls. Late Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi in China know that can make the skin silky pearl light, she has devoted to the eunuch pearl powder grinding, select the upper small round crystal pearl sea products. From decades of experience to take pearl powder, the Empress summed up the amount of drug reached a number of good food, service failure is also unhelpful conclusions. Sea water pearl in the medical Studies have also soothe the nerves will be surprised, Qingre Yi Yin, Mingmu antidotes, such as the effectiveness of Shengji shut up. Ms. particularly during menstruation, menopause irritability irritability, wearing pearl necklace can play a better adjustment, moderating role, but also prevention and treatment of chronic laryngitis and thyroid, etc., while making the skin very smooth, delicate, sooner or later, gently massage the skin with pearl as well as skin care, beauty and the role of speckle reducing wrinkle elimination.

7 multi-color pearl why?

  In nature, pearls are a variety of colors, as the metal because of trace elements. The chemical composition of pearl is calcium carbonate, as well as a small number of angle protein, water and trace metal elements, including copper gold pearls; pearl silver butter was yellow; sodium was flesh-colored pearl; of zinc Pearl pink. Texture, pure white pearl jade. Jewelry in the international market with the pink the most valuable pearl. Diversification of pearl color, making it attractive for people to select pearl provides more choices.

8 pearls and maintenance know-how

  Pearl by the calcium carbide composition, the objective existence of things with the acidic chemical. It is also moisture and protein, so the breakdown of water and dry situation. 350 degrees Celsius will be burning.

  If the beads have long been stored in a hot dry surface environment, dehydration will dry, resulting in open surface. So do not put beads in the heating furnace by the near or long-term place of such lights. If you live in a dry countries such as Canada, it is best not to long-term will be on the safe pearls.

  Pearl intermediate need of fresh air and moisture to be every few months to wear it out. Pearl on the box if the long-term, the color yellow is easier.  This is a very apt description of what, old beads will turn yellow, but may turn yellow after 100 years, was not careful care of pearls, may lead to "prematurely senile" phenomenon, beads very "young" will yellowing.

  Only because of the hardness of pearls from 2.5 to 4.5, so it should not be put together with other jewelry, in order to avoid scratches. Kam small bags or storage bags are a good place for pearls, you can prevent it from being a high hardness of sapphire jewelry get hurt.
    It was proposed that East and West Pearl submerged in greasy to prevent cracks; close to the skin and some people say that  wearing pearl beads help preserve the luster and brightness. This is because the person may be secreted by the body fats moisten the beads, as we have the role of painted plaster as above.
    Some people sweat very acidic, can damage pearls. Erosion due to acidic calcium carbide objects will become spent and matte beads, and the erosion of nacre, so that it slowly "peeling. If you are such a person should bear in mind when wearing pearls worn on the clothes above it; in too hot summer would not be appropriate to wear, and in order to avoid loss and regret.
    Make sure not to bathe and swim wear pearls. It may change color, and you may also be lost in the pool in the whole sub-bead.
    Pearl surface of a small pore, so it should not be polluted in the air inhaled substances. Pearl will absorb the hair spray, perfume until the objects, so do not go wearing a beautiful pearl-fat power. Into the kitchen is also careful not to wear beads cooking, steam and cooking fumes can be invasive yellow pearl inside it.
    Do not hang beads, a long time, will become slack line. Collection it should be placed.
Pearl chain preferably every 2-3 years to re-string, depending on the number of wear set. Bead into the hole of dirt will have friction, the nylon line or a broken thread. Multi-position snap button close to the place.
    In addition, when the next pearl ring, grasp the ring's shank or metal part, do not use the beads bearing the place for you to avoid pearl bearing surface of the loose, but also to prevent the dirt of your hands and skin oil secretion In the sticky beads.
If you intend to wear beads above the clothes, clothing texture is more of the best. The material was too rough thundering blue wool material may be scratching your precious pearls.
    If not carefully scratching the surface of the pearl, olive oil can try gently wiping Lam small scratch pattern.
    Strong sunlight can fade pearls, especially freshwater pearls. Pale orange freshwater pearls are most vulnerable in the long-term exposure to bright light to bleach under. In addition, the beads should not be placed on your window, the sun can be for your adverse freshwater pearls damage.


  To choose a suitable processing fine, fashionable, good gloss pearl jewelry not only adds the beauty of female elegance, but also with beauty, health, and preserve and increase function. So how to choose and wear a pearl jewelry it?

(1) pearl color

  Pearl color choice is a prerequisite for the preference for the color of pearls, as the preferences of the same color clothes. As early as 1920, the United States, a study of colors and color expert with Johannes Itten human skin will be divided into four categories: spring, summer, autumn and winter, which the names of the four seasons and its representatives with the right color. Understand that their season is color, the selection of clothes and accessories are a great help. Analysis of color is a science, but also rely on the experience of it in order to achieve perfection in this can only be introduced briefly the main points北海南珠

  Identify themselves as that season in order to choose the color of your clothing and appearance of the color jewelry.
    According to expert experience, the majority of black and yellow skin are [winter color], the most appropriate clothing color is clear, high concentration of cool colors such as pink, white, blue, red can make you look more radiant , spring lake surface. Instead of warm colors such as apricot, orange, rice, yellow, the [winter] in the eyes of pale color. (Most suitable for warm blonde color and peach, the white color of copper).
    Pearl used to wear the clothing of the people above, but also pay attention to the color of shirt the color of your beads on. Brown and apricot and apricot and white background of the beautiful Pearl appeared to be more gentle. Black Pearl in the best white shirt, the contrast is also large, making it look more attractive. However, pearl white background in black, while in contrast, but this tie in with the white pearls tend to affect more whitish, and the feeling faded. Brightly colored beads (possibly dyed) in white or black background on the more prominent eye-catching.

(2) jewelry harmony with occasions and clothing

  1, pearl jewelry and clothing styles. In order to fully display the charm of pearl jewelry, and attention should be paid to wear clothing styles of coordination. Is generally believed that more significant rough, loose jewelry can be lenient with the clothing, such as clothes, jeans, etc.; the structure of compact, small exquisite pearl jewelry such as various kinds of color, three-style necklaces are advised to show tight body with clothing, as evening dress, cheongsam, and so on pearl jewelry and clothing styles in harmony to achieve the effect of each other.
   2, pearl necklace and clothing neckline. Long pearl necklace should be more open with the collar of clothing, can be shorter with smaller openings clothing. According to the principle that each shadow, choose arc-shaped pearl necklace, no openings cheongsam and wedding dress should choose a long pearl necklace, so it is a dignified and generous, dignified and elegant.
   3, Pearl Jewelry and occasions. Better than diamond pearl jewelry is that she not only embodies the elegance of diamonds can be embodied in temperament, in the grand occasions such as weddings, banquets, parties in the success Fu, Choi won the wind, but also for more ordinary occasions, such as Modern women wear, casual wear for holidays and so on. Day-to-day work, the simplicity and generosity of professional women's matched with an appropriate set of pearl jewelry, you can not only embody the noble and elegant temperament, but also allow others to fully feel the smart can you get the desired results. Of course, the weekend, the Ease of a casualone or two elegant, simple pearl jewelry, is also a good match, that Qingli and will try to make you a special extraordinary temperament, even in the face of nature picturesque cents also not less than that.

(3) required for use, style, with the face

  First of all, clear the use of jewelry you need: For example, use their own or as a gift is jewelry or decoration and so on, is their general election with the number of benefits for the gift while at the same time pay attention to the benefits should pay attention to the appearance of the packaging.

  Secondly, look at the style necklace: Generally speaking, shorter necklaces in summer and autumn wear, because the two seasons of clothing in general more open collar, long pearl necklaces generally admirable in the winter and spring of the sweater things such as: cheongsam, wedding apparel, etc. can be compared with two sets of files, three-style pearl necklace, in order to better bring out your noble, elegant femininity.
    On the face, the long face of the election should be tubby or dual kits, three sets of pearl necklaces, earrings can be a big circular structure of the Pearl Earing, it can collapse to make the effect of short-changing face: short while the opposite face, they are advised to wear long or with pendants of: a round face with an optional type of thin vertical lines, like fine jewelry chain, leveraged earring, pearl necklaces with pendants, etc., to lengthen my face effect: the face of the triangle, the inverted triangle, also known as melon face , the style of jewelry is not requested, can be chosen at random. The triangle is under the narrow width, the general choice of a larger earring with short hair covered under the E of the iceberg.Can also be cut in the fluffy hair on the temples Department Bob wearing a striking, so as to increase the width of the places.


  1 Lustre
    Gloss is a reflective surface to form beads, pearls in addition to the shiny surface of nacre also internal reflection, resulting in shiny reflective sparkle. Good luster pearls have a strong and sharp reflection of the pearl surface of the scope of light and dark have a greater contrast. In contrast, less shiny shiny beads poor, and the extent of the weakness of the anti-looks like there is a layer of powder So the feeling on the surface, also known as spent light. Advantages and disadvantages depending on the luster of the nacre thickness, and transparency fine. Fine texture (Fineness) or not is their nacre formation of atomic particles. Particles small and well-balanced, the texture will be fine. Such as coarse particles,The surface looks more rough texture, thereby affecting its luster. Gloss and the health status of mollusks, Pui local yield, yield-pui method, time, water pollution and the types of mollusks are related.
    2 The thickness of nacre
    The thickness of nacre cultured pearls directly affect the durability and beauty. If the cultured pearls in molluscs removed too early, would adversely affect the quality of pearls. In nacre may be wearing off, and can be seen in the light of the nuclear internal beads, very eyesores created.
    3 Shape
    There are three types of the shape of pearls, the value is the three-tier system:
    Commensurate with beads
    Shaped beads
    Of course, the best shape of bead-shaped, like a car into the same machine, the more He more precious beads, but more natural products not perfect, some bad round into a little before, the lower the value. Commensurate with the rest of the pear-shaped, egg, teardrop-shaped, button-shaped, curved-shaped, etc., your upper and lower or even into a symmetrical shape of other objects. Very pleasing and the higher the value of special-shaped beads.

  4 Smoothness and Spltting

    Bead surface defects that directly affect their value. Smooth and flawless skin surface for the best, and some defects will not only affect the appearance of the beads, its durability is also dangerous. Common defects are:
    Bump and Welt
    Material is irregular bulge of the skin or by the excessive secretion of nacre formed. They do not affect the large beads to the basic shape, but easy to use processes where the naked eye to detect. Welt lineolatus is small, but if a lot of whip marks, it looks like countless wrinkles. If it is found that the surface of beads full grain indentation, like being struck like a hammer (Hammered Surface or Martelled Surface), it is not a serious flaw, because it can increase the changing color of the beads, but it seems more like natural pearls .
  Small pin-point and small point (Pinpoint and Pimple)
    Protrusion of the small dots, small needle point, the larger point  generally very small size, it is necessary to look carefully to see that.
    Black spots (Dark spot)
    This flaw is due to imbalance in the secretion horny black, on the point, revealed by the nacre to form inside. Sometimes these black spots in the bleaching process has been washed away, so not common.
    Dark spots (Dull spot)
    The formation of opaque dark pearl dark part of the secretion of nacre, if uneven, it will shine in a place so poor, it does not affect the durability of the procedure pearls, but dull is secreted as a result of the human body, cosmetics or eruption damage, etc., and even nacre also fade off, it will affect its durability.
    Gap (Clip)
    Pearl's surface holes bored in some of the most common beads. Pearl thin gap from the rest more, it affects not only beautiful, but also easy to possession of pollution.
    Crack (Crack)
    Pearl layer cracks, like a small, wrinkled, big hair, such as general, can be broken nacre, seriously affecting its durability.
    Space (Gap)
    Not covered with nacre place, not only far from being handsome, and his nuclear beads, beads by the neighboring wear.

  5 color
    Pearl color refers to its own color (Body Colour), with color (Overtone, also called the refractive index color) and change color (Iridescence).
    Their basic color is pearl pigment. With color is the pigment in their own color on the surface. Observation of color with black pearls, beads should be light in the face of it, observe the color with white pearls, the most vulnerable part in a more dark look at the surface.
  Change the color of color, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple color, such as Rainbow, most of whom are mixed together with color. There is a change in color for the color of pearls with a very valuable, in the round cultured pearls in the sea is not easy to find. Color change bead shaped ball is in the more common, this is because the surface of shaped beads and more rugged, white light can be dispersed in a variety of colors for the Rainbow. Freshwater pearls are also easier to see that change color with its color.
    6 Construction (make)
    When the judge or a string of pearl necklace jewelry inlaid good, the manual is very important. Structure refers to a string of beads, a pair of matching earrings or ring, that is, the color of beads, light-emitting shape, size, color and whether the pro-; lock is the middle of the hole; a string of beads in the size of gradual, whether the size of beads to moderate gradually formed, above the value of its significant impact.

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